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November 27, 2022
Being Content

I’m old enough to be at the point where I repeat my jokes, but I’m still young enough to know that I have told this joke before… Like a lot of my jokes, I tell them because I enjoy a chuckle as much as anyone, but also because they can help get across a key idea… and the key idea to do is about being content. Something we all would like to be, right? Well,...

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"Live" Event Data

On-Line Attendance

  • Website/Roku/Apple TV: 12
  • YouTube Live: 1
  • Facebook Live: 6
  • Total 'Live' Views: 19

Speaker: Rev. Wade Leonard

Worship Songs in This Service

  • To God Be The Glory
  • My Tribute
  • Christ Be Magnified
  • The Goodness of God
  • The Light of That City / That City
  • I Need Thee Every Hour

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Simpsonville, South Carolina: 2

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South Carolina: 12

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United States: 12

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Edge: 5
Safari: 4
Chrome: 2
SmartTV WebBrowser: 1

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